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Leisure Club “Shoreline”

With a slow and calming start, this song pulls listeners in before dropping into a steady and mesmerizing beat. The vocals are soothing, yet passionate. This is the exact type of song that makes you think of sitting at the beach after the sun has gone down, getting […]

Reli “Flow”

Starting with an almost melancholic feel, this song uses a variety of instruments to create a beautifully blended sound that pulls listeners in. The drums come in with the vocals, giving the song a steady beat to accompany the acoustic background. The vocals are sung passionately, but with […]

Honeysuckle “Gaslight”

Starting with a heavy, yet simple melody, this song immediately pulls listeners in. The female singing is passionate, yet calming. The chorus brings on another vocalist and harmonies that play beautifully with the dynamic of the song. Mid way through, the bridge comes alive with more intense guitar […]