Color Animal “Womb”

We start this song off with a laid back, surf-rock guitar rift that pulls listeners in. As the beat picks up, drums and a second guitar come in and really start to open the song up and we get more of an indie vibe from the overall sound. […]

Covey “Stable Now”

This acoustic song entraps listeners with its calming rhythm and beautiful guitar playing. The lyrics begin a bit desolate, outlining the difficulties of life and growing up; things that anyone can relate to. Despite some of the sorrowful lines, there’s a sense of hopefulness that carries on throughout […]

Aaron Taos “Dazed & Amused”

Starting off with a beat that hooks any listener, Aaron Taos’ “Dazed & Amused” has a catchy sound that fits into a variety of playlists. The chorus comes in with a rhythm that instantly makes people want to get up and dance. Their sound is liken to bands […]