Hot Lunch Music #hotlunchmusic is a music blog started by Ian McFarland and Matt Slifka and Nichole Currier.  The goal of the blog was to cover artists we found online and help give them support and exposure through our comprehension of both English and music.  The idea of putting out articles twice a day Monday through Friday at 12pm and 4pm EST or 9am and 1pm PST captures both lunch and happy hour on the east coast and breakfast and lunch on the west coast (Ian being east coast and Matt west coast).


Alright, so we all do a million different things throughout our day. At Hot Lunch Music we appreciate thoughtful music and food and think in our fast paced lives we do not take enough time to appreciate and enjoy these luxuries we have. Originally started the blog as Its Not Records and then realizing that I wanted a record label/pr company and a way to expose bands, songwriters, DJs, producers, labels, pr, and even sync’s that I’ve appreciated wether artistically or socially. That means it could be pushing boundaries or it could just be a very well done version of something that already exists. To me Hot Lunch Music is my moment to sit down and listen to music others are creating from a critical standpoint whether that is the songwriting, recording, instrumentation, arrangement, or performance. I’d love for you to find your next favorite song on here as we’ve found plenty of our favorites through searching the internet and receiving e-mail pitches. Definitely check it out and check out our contributing writers sections. – Ian


New York City but we travel a lot. I think we’ve moved around 5 times this year.


12 and 4! or 9 and 1! Or whatever increment of 4 hours that is in your time zone…. did you know China doesn’t have time zones?


The internet.


See above ^^^