Nichole Currier


My name is Nichole Currier and I am a Creative Contributing Writer living in New York City. I have over 5-years experience writing in a variety of styles and positions. I have been writing, directing, and editing both scripts and videos, novels, and poetry since I was a high school student. I have always loved the challenge and creativity that go into creative writing and film production. I take pride in my work and the 41k views my most watched videos have accumulated, as well as the followers that continue to follow and engage with me on multiple online platforms. I am eager and enthusiastic to put my studies as an English major to work with others that share my passions.

During my professional English career, my works have been published through a multitude of companies and platforms. On this site, you can find a variety of music reviews I have written over my time with Hot Lunch Music, an example of which can be found here. My works can also be found in Plymouth State University’s Poets and Writers Centripetal books, as well as their online student newspaper; The Clock, two article examples of which can be found here (News) and here (Features). I also work as a freelance copywriter, obtaining jobs anywhere from copy editing to PR to AirBNB ads and acting bios.

Along with these published works, I have written a variety of other pieces. Preview examples of my unproduced creative writing can be found below.

Narrative Preview

Screenplay Preview

Poetry Preview

Below you will find a link to original, collaborative, and adaptation video works I have produced over the years. For each of the videos included, I played the role of screenplay writer, camera operator, director, and editor. While my film work has been amateur thus far, I am constantly looking for opportunities to improve my skills and collaborate with others. Videos and examples of my work can be found here.