Air Quotes “Joey and the Whale”

If you’re looking for an eccentric folk song to add to your playlist, Air Quotes’s song “Joey and the Whale” is the song for you. Opening with a slew of strings, this song jumps right in and wastes no time grabbing listener’s attention. The singing sounds like a story teller at your local pub, creating a captivating tale that hooks anyone within ear shot. The chorus picks up with backing vocals and catchy beats while the verses keep the listener engaged. The lyrics are beautifully entrancing, with gems such as “I’m swimming in the water, but at least I’m swimming at all…I’m breathing in the fire, but at least I’m breathing at all.” Whether folk is your go-to for music or not, this is a song that should be checked out by anyone that appreciates originality and charming music. Check out Air Quote’s “Joey and the Whale” below.

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