Ian McFarland

Hi, I graduated from college with a major that doesn’t have a job waiting for you in the thing you studied… well, it kind of did.. but I was having trouble tapping into my artistic abilities while there so I left. While at this job I found a part time position doing something that allowed me to use my critical ear to help dissect productions and genres and moods. I really enjoy the moods section of that gig and that’s why I’m currently still there and in charge of that piece of the puzzle that is that company. However also while I was at my non-creative music industry position I decided to start blogging about music on top of this other position I’d started ON TOP OF actually performing at a residency I had in the valley and recording gigs with a great bassist named Eric Deluca who is still currently in the valley and performing. Also at this non-creative gig I met a likeminded individual Matt Slifka who was also unhappy and wanted to become more involved, especially with sync. So he started contributing to Its Not Records and then also together about a month later we started Hot Lunch Music and I began the process of pulling apart the blog from the label. When I was just graduating college I was lucky enough to talk with someone who had the incredible fortune and luck to have one of the the dream careers in the music industry, no joke I got lunch with this dude and back to back he said…

“I wasn’t there when Wilco was around but I was on the team to sign the Black Keys”

“When the Jonas Brothers were on break I used to get Joe to DJ parties”

“I mostly work in movie soundtracks, I had to call around to see how much Ariana Grande gets to sing on a track because I didn’t want to insult her by lowballing her.”

I try my best to keep good company who are active in that sort of way whenever I can because I find others success so inspiring. Check out my blog, my music, and if you ask me I can tell you a tiny bit more about my role in the sync world.

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