Charlie Sutton “High Heels”

With energetic guitar playing and a catchy surf-rock beat, “High Heels” by Charlie Sutton is an instant attention grabber. The vocals have a tone that sounds as if it’s pulled straight from 90’s rock, while the upbeat music gives the song a lively spark. The drums pull the listener in while the guitar playing keeps them captivated. If you’re looking for a vigorous new song to break up the winter days, look no further. Check out “High Heels” by Charlie Sutton below.


Charlie Sutton is a singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist from the Pacific Northwest.

High Heels will be on his album Primitive Songs for Modern Times set to release in January on Junkerdash Records out of Boise Idaho. High Heels is quickly gaining traction on Spotify and got placed on a playlist for Mrs. Maisel Season 3.

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