Whiplash Girlchild “The Source (Hold On)”

Passionate singing, catchy guitar riffs, and high energy has “The Source (Hold On)” on our summer playlist! This is the upbeat kind of song you’ll want to listen to while partying pool side. The vocals will keep listeners captivated while the music will have people on their feet and dancing. This is the summer jam you’ve been looking for to bring up the energy at your next party! Check out this great new tune by Whiplash Girlchild below.


A contemplation of your station in life, a love letter to the present, and a true bop; Whiplash Girlchild’s newest single “The Source (Hold On)” is a piece worthy of your attention. As a follow up to their latest single “55mm”, the band demonstrates again their ear for blending catchy riffs, punchy drums, and poetic storytelling. The guttural rasp of lead vocalist Lucas Tennen seems almost unhinged, were it not chained to the ground by group chorus. In “The Source” the band’s punk drive meets a songwriter’s fervour, presenting a new and unique voice in Canadian rock music that will leave you humming that chorus.

Whiplash Girlchild is the culmination of Lucas Tennen’s creative escapades over the last two decades. Spending the majority of his twenty one year’s voraciously writing, recording, and experimenting, Lucas has honed a distinctive voice and sound that is now ready to be heard on a larger scale. Joined by an A-list team of Toronto based musicians and creators; Devon Pelley, Alex Fecioru, and Nathan Smofsky.

Combining the lyrical fever of a folk bard with the drive of a gut-primal punk band and the dense, groove centric instrumentation of early soul, Whiplash has honed a new musical DNA, both endearing and distinctive. These influences are brought to life to create worlds for their songs, to tell stories full of endearing characters, vivid images, and provoking poetry. All encased in a theatrical and visceral performance.

Since their first show in June 2017, the live presence of the group has become a spectacle being excitedly acclaimed in the local scene. Selling their merchandise and creating word-of-mouth buzz across the city and beyond. In 2018 they partnered with Hamilton-based indie record label Maisonneuve Music to record and release their first singles, with follow ups scheduled for 2019 and beyond.

Simply put, they’re Whiplash Girlchild and they’re strictly for the people.

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