Dan Miz “Time”

With laid back vocals, soothing melodies, and a captivating beat “Time” by Dan Miz is an instant attention-grabber. The lyrics are relatable while the sound is something straight from Top 40 radio. The chorus is catchy and will have listeners playing this song on repeat. As the bridge comes in we get a funkier tune before the music expands again, bringing us back to the music that hooked listeners at the beginning. If you’re a fan of pop music, be sure to check out this great new tune by Dan Miz below!


From time to time, we all arrive at a place in which we can’t find our core or meaning. “Time” is about being in that place while understanding that the best things in life come from pain and patience. This song is relatively oxymoronic, the happy chord progressions tied with the somber lyrics enable the listener to feel good while understanding the message. Sadness comes and goes but at the end of the day, happiness always rises again.

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