Adam Elara “Swiping for Love”

Are you looking for some relatable music this summer? Then check out Adam Elara’s “Swiping for Love”! With catchy guitar playing and punk sounding vocals, this song is a quick attention grabber. High energy keeps the music captivating while the lyrics are something anyone struggling through the single life can relate to. The chorus will have listeners hitting repeat all day long. Added with a laugh-inducing music video that will have viewers in stitches, this song is one to add to the summer playlist. Check out this fun, upbeat vibe below!


Singer-Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist currently residing in Houston, TX. Genre fluid tunes, super solid dude. Adam Elara is completely self taught and pays extra attention to detail when composing his music. Although exclusively recorded in a bedroom, the quality in his catalogue would make one think they were all done in a studio. Adam is also an actor, film composer, and runway model. His two upcoming releases push his artistry even further.
“Swiping For Love” is a comedic take on the dating app experience featuring the main character strung along on the worst possible experiences people are all too familiar with these days.

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