Wildlife “Euphoria”

A rounded production that is punchy and compressed with a jangly arrangement is perfected with a high energy performance in “Euphoria” by Wildlife. The band is a simple rock arrangement that has a larger than life sound.

“Raise a glass in style” leads into “one step home” which leads into the bold and strong vocal performance singing “euphoria”.

If you need a dose of energy for your day I’d check out “Euphoria” by Wildlife.


Wildlife erupted onto the stage with Strike Hard, Young Diamond in 2010. The band carried their ethos of live inclusivity with an ever-increasing desire to tear down the barrier between artist and audience. They followed up in 2013 with On the Heart, a mixture of sweat, screams and tears from the studio. A concept record, On the Heart is a love letter to the heart itself; its ache, strength and longing. The hit single “Lightning Tent” was a nation wide radio success injecting Wildlife’s signature sound into everything from beer commercials to Hollywood films. They pushed forward with Age of Everything in 2016, jumping to the top of indie rock playlists the internet over, amassing over 10 million streams.

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