Tia Gostelow “Get To It” – Remember the Importance of Living Life

With a solid drum beat and beautifully heavy vocals, “Get To It” is a great new Indie Pop song to check out this summer. Tia Gostelow has a voice that sounds like the building and crashing of ocean waves, low and powerful and full of endless passion. The energetically catchy chorus will have listener’s on their feet and remembering what it means to be alive. It’s important to take a few moments in life to dance on rooftops and in the rain. “Get To It” easily penetrates the part of your mind that gets stuck in the mindless rhythm of identical work days and reminds listeners that there’s always beauty to be appreciated in life. Check out this lively song below.


2018 was a tremendous year for Tia Gostelow with her debut album “Thick Skin” being received incredibly warmly all over the globe. This includes a Triple J album feature and Like A Version, serious global play-listing, sold out shows, and invitations to Falls Festival and South By South West. Her single Strangers also just clicked over 2 million streams on Spotify.

Tia wrote her debut solo single “State Of Art” in 2015 and was only 16 years old. The song caught the attention of producer Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle Giants/Mallrast) and they recorded it together at Airlock Studios in Brisbane. This was the start of a creative relationship that stuck solid all the way through the recording process for her debut album “Thick Skin”.

Growing up in the regional Queensland town of Mackay, Tia was isolated from a traditional music scene. She turned 18 and made the big move to Brisbane in early 2018. This experience has helped define her sound as she is now well and truly part of the Brisbane music community.

Tia and her band have played a lot of shows now including supporting the likes of Ball Park Music, Frightened Rabbit, The Rubens, and Gomez. She and her band mates have developed a live show to be reckoned with.


Combining warm melodies with a rich musicality and Tia’s distinctive vocal style, Get To It feels instantly infectious. The singalong chorus allows listeners to completely immerse themselves in the highly relatable lyrics, sounding akin to the likes of Mallrat and Julia Jacklin. Talking about the single, Tia elaborates “Get To It is about not waiting until you think something is perfect to do it, not following the norm and doing things on your own terms. Just getting out there and getting shit done, how you want to do it and not feeling restricted by age or experience. This is a new mindset for me, becoming more self-awareness and not allowing my own fears to hold me back and keep me from being the best version of myself, regardless of who likes it or not.”

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