“Bigger Maggots”

Explosive and aggressive punk rock is what you’ll get with “Bigger Maggots”. Melted is what your brain will do while frying in the heat of this controlled chaos. Walls of guitars and punchy compressed in your face drums support an emotional and angsty vocal performance by Justin Eckley. If you miss Warped Tour or sweaty basement punk shows this you’re going to love this band.

Catch them at The Fest in Gainesville FL this October.


This originally was released as a physical only release via Australian Label Domestic La La Records . The single is now available ‎digitally for the first time on all platforms. Bigger Maggots is the first track following Melted’s debut record “Thin Skin”. Bigger Maggots is an explosive punk track that tackles moving past ones own insecurities and channeling them into motivation.



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