Gothic Tropic “Drunk on a Rhythm”

With an airy, upbeat start that leads into a groovy, dance-inducing beat, “Drunk on a Rhythm” is the indie pop song you’ve been looking for to wrap up the summer. Gothic Tropic’s new song is full of energy, passion, and easy to relate with lyrics. The chorus opens up with an 80’s vibe that will have listeners on their feet. Like the lyrics say, this is the kind of rhythm you could get drunk on as it pulls you away from the real world. The moody and atmospheric nature make this song appealing for a range of fans. Check out this vibrant new tune below!


“Drunk on a Rhythm” is the new single from LA indie pop artist Gothic Tropic. The track is the first released from her forthcoming album.

Vocalist Cecilia Victoria says on the track, “‘Drunk on a Rhythm’ is the first single off my upcoming record, which I’ve been working on over the last year. The song’s theme is on my most recent breakup. Releasing Drunk on a Rhythm first is my way of being generous to myself; helping me heal from betrayal, accepting joy, and moving on. The overall meaning of the song nurtures my independent identity in all its truth. Lyrically, ‘Drunk on a Rhythm’ is about meeting someone new and being magnetized to see each other “every other day,” because your energies are undeniable. I recorded this with my good friend Jon Joseph, whose visionary approach to the production brought the song into a delicious analog air tight world, featuring Dusty Moon on drums, and Max Kaplan on saxophone. Fun fact, I went to high school with both of them! Putting this positive foot forward for summer feels appropriately indulgent.”

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