Hartley “Trenches”

With a laid back sound, unperturbed vocals, and intensely relatable lyrics “Trenches” is a song all Indie Pop fans need to check out. Hartley sings with a passionate, yet unconcerned tone as she explains a recent heartbreak in terms of war. This lead singer isn’t going down easy, though, and she’s prepared to fight back. Anyone that’s ever been taken advantage of, emotionally exhausted by, or otherwise abused by someone that doesn’t seem to know how to take responsibility for their own actions will find themselves instantly relating to these metaphorically beautiful lyrics. Despite the somewhat despondent tone, the music is upbeat and engaging from beginning to end. Hartley drives home the message that you shouldn’t be afraid to fight back against toxic people in this great new song, which can be found below!


I wrote this song as an end to a relationship that had been really painful for a long time. It was my way of saying I’m done being walked over, I’m fighting for myself now! As much as it was written from a place of hurt and anger it’s also a super fun and up-beat song that I hope is as much fun to listen to as it was to record.


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