AIR APPARENT “Sorry (feat. Krysta Youngs)” – Reconnect with Those First Love Feels

If you have a new summer love, this is the anthem you’ve been looking for! “Sorry” is a song that perfectly captures what it’s like falling in love with someone that makes you forget about everything else. We all remember what our first love was like when we were younger; a mix of scary, confusing, and the best feeling in the entire world. Even if it’s not your first time falling in love, finding that special someone can send you right back to those teenage feelings! AIR APPARENT emulates all of these emotions in this catchy pop song that is sure to complete your summer playlist. Check it out below!


AIR APPARENT is an Indian-American producer from Atlanta, Georgia now based out of San Francisco.

“My sound for this upcoming EP is inspired by the concept of dreams. Dreams have always fascinated me,” Sethi says. “I love how dreams bounce between feeling surreal and hyperreal, all due to some electrical signals firing in your brain while you’re asleep. Inspired by dream interpretation and representation in some of my favorite movies, I aim to make music that feels dream-like, existing in the space between reality and something entirely made up in your head.

“More importantly than the individual song, I really want to help bring more of an Asian identity into popular music. Nearly every culture has rich musical traditions but somehow Asians still constitute a tiny minority among musical artists in America. In addition, among many of my Asian peers, we’ve found that creative careers like making music are often perceived in the culture as career choices that are nonviable at best and lazy at worst.

I hope that by creating great music, I can help raise awareness of other identities and experiences in the music industry and also encourage others to showcase their art.”

Featuring singer Krysta Youngs fresh off a songwriting stint with K-Pop sensation BTS, “Sorry” is AIR APPARENT’s most synth pop-minded and soaring sound to date, making a solid dark horse bid for that song you’re gonna want to have on repeat by a pool this summer.

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