xOxford “Mezcal”, dreamy pop from Englewood CO

xOxford “Mezcal”

Kind of atmospheric and great guitar tones and panning. It reminds me a bit of Massive Attacks style with how atmospheric “Mezcal” is. Do I see a partnership coming up? Maybe not with a tequila company but perhaps with something that speaks to drunk dialing your ex at 3am before all the bars close in NYC. The layering in the production really allows the listener to be submerged fully in the song and while it works both ways as a focal point and as a background tune I think you’ll be hitting repeat to hear the choruses hook over and over again.

Written by xOxford
Lyrics by Rhema Srihartiti
Produced by xOxford & Tyler Imbrogno
Mixed and Mastered by Tyler Imbrogno at Daymoon Studio
Art by @HoratioFresh
xOxford is Rhema Srihartiti & Eric Lake

This is a tequila night in Hollywood being dumb with your friends but also blacking out and making a mistake. The half time beat reminds me of that key moment when you’re so fucked up things are going in slow motion and your emotions start to run high because you’re crazy tired and it’s like 1 in the morning and oh my god you just miss them so bad. Of course you’ll regret calling the next day. This song would be a good fit on an alternative rock playlist or indie playlist. I love the way the guitarist uses his pick as a percussive element scratching on the strings.


A laid back booty call track about who we reach out to when we’ve had one too many.

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