“66 Knots” trouble in paradise

Inspired by legal battles during their first tour “66 Knots” is about escaping your troubles on the open road.


The thin guitar chords follow a jangly rhythm that outlines seventh chords which add to that harmonic shape of the composition. As the harmony thins to a sole bass note that singer begins “wide open air on the highway”. A sudden breath of fresh air before the production fills to the brim for the chorus, halfway through it overflows with vocal harmonies. Another quick pause and back into the second verse this time with more layers that adds a nice bit of scenery to an already familiar piece. A second chorus leads us into the bridge and stadium guitar solo. OH MY GOD! It’s a key change! “66 Knots” becomes more uplifting with a big change and bigger finish.


Proudly hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Alex “Lefty” Amey, Harrison Stewart-Juby and Sean Patterson started their journey as Oakridge Ave. in 2013. After several years of writing and playing the venues that birthed other Kingston greats like The Mahones, The Glorious Sons and The Tragically Hip, the three-piece honed their tight, indie rock sound into what it is today: a blend of influences from Canada’s rich musical tapestry, including Bahamas, The Weakerthans and The Lowest of the Low. Since their debut album, 2017’s “10”, through their 2018 EP “Lost & Out of Place”, followed a summer maritime tour the same year, their songwriting and sound has matured alongside their live performances.

These experiences have culminated in their forthcoming album, jumpstarted by a chance encounter with one of the band’s heroes, legendary Canadian indie rocker Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, Blurtonia, C’mon). Recorded at ProGold in Toronto, Blurton crafted and refines the album’s sound, helping Oakridge Ave. incorporate new textures and ideas into their fresher, more thoughtful songwriting. The result is like a good Canadian ale; darker, rich and complex, but accessible and smooth, best enjoyed with good friends having a good time.

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