Madame Psychosis “Kapow” – If Caffeine Had a Sound

From beginning to end, “Kapow” is a head-thrashing, wild ride of energy and guitar riffs that will have listeners on their feet. “Kapow” sounds like the exact moment a shot of espresso hits your blood stream and feels like you could take on the world because of it. The chorus especially grabs listeners as the beat lightens up with the help of cymbals and passionate vocals, as well as some super fun backing vocals, before quickly diving back into non-stop high energy. The upbeat guitar solos keep listeners engaged and wanting more. Check out this vigorous new beat by Madame Psychosis below!


Madame Psychosis is a five-piece alt pop & indie rock band from Toronto. Members include singer Michelle Mondesir, guitar players Bret McCaffrey and Rene Ip, drummer Jaina Tharakan, and bass player Giovanni Paola.

The band released their debut album on June 16th, 2017 and received a positive response. Most notably, the single “Space Motorcycle” cracked Alan Cross’ Top 11 Playlist. The album was also featured on 94.9 The Rock FM‘s artist spotlight, Generation Next, in May of 2018. Four songs from the debut album were showcased, including “Space Motorcycle”, “Run”, “On Top of The Game”, and “Mellow”. The band supported the album by performing at venues across Toronto, including at the legendary Opera House and The Horseshoe Tavern.

Madame Psychosis is now preparing for the release of their upcoming sophomore album. The band released the “infectious earworm”, “Kapow”, on July 8th, 2019. In their review, Nashville-based East of 8th says “‘Kapow’ is a non-stop, energy ride shooting out of the gate with a driving drumbeat, a thunderous guitar riff, and an anthemic lyrical delivery”. The song premiered exclusively in Canada with The Spill Magazine and in the U.S. with East of 8th.

They also released the “soaring” single “Crashing Down” on May 6th, 2019 and premiered the song exclusively with The Spill Magazine ahead of their two showcase performances at Canadian Music Week 2019. They were also named to Dropout Entertainment’s Top Picks for CMW. Odd Nugget says the song “is all mellifluous magic wrapped in a grungy garage rock exterior” in their review, adding that “Madame Psychosis envelop us in an edgy rock dimension throughout ‘Crashing Down’”.

Prior to “Crashing Down”, Madame Psychosis released “Just Wanna Be Myself” on January 3rd as the lead single. The band performed the song live on Global News’ national broadcast of The Morning Show. A Journal of Musical Things says it’s “a fun, upbeat song with sweet yet edgy female vocals”. Dropout Entertainment says “‘Just Wanna Be Myself’ is a pop-rock diddy and a testament to being comfortable, or the quest to be comfortable – in your own skin.” Stereo Stickman says, “there’s a genuine air of honesty that runs throughout their songwriting…this song is one that gets better and better with each revisit.”

The band is now preparing to showcase their work during their TV appearances on Global’s The Morning Show and CHCH’s Morning Live.

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