Loud Forest “Heartbreak Away” – Passionate Lyrics to Start Your Day

With a sweeping intro that catches listener’s attention, “Heartbreak Away” is an emotionally charged song that will have people hooked from the very beginning. The vocals are sung with a passion that drives the emotion of this piece home, painting a picture of the vulnerability that comes along with loving someone so deeply. It’s often difficult to remember that those around us are just as human as we are, with struggles and heartache that they deal with on a daily basis. This song shines a light on what it’s like to realize that the person you may put on a pedestal is still human and susceptible to hurt. The lyrics are captivatingly written and entrance listeners while the spirited beat keeps things flowing. Check out this vigorous new song by Loud Forest below!


The band Loud Forest is based in Los Angeles where Bernard and Rachel Chadwick, a married couple, collaborate as two very different artists. Equally matched as singers and performers, they craft an eclectic mix of songs that can both swirl and drive, loud minimal rock drums and ruckus melodic singing is supported by electric guitars, textures and noises that create a sonic landscape while infusing classic folk and gospel elements. Songs on the new album range from moody shoe-gaze to grass-roots communal rock n’ roll. All the while giving a nod to personal influences such as Spoon, The Pixies, Arcade Fire, and Sonic Youth.


The new song “Heartbreak Away” by indie-pop husband-and-wife duo Loud Forest is a playful and tender statement about love. Rachel Chadwick, who penned the lyrics, says that the song is “About the moment in a relationship when you become aware of the other’s fragility, you empathize with their pain and it wakes a sense of your own mortality, of your own breakable heart”. The song is driven by drums and bass creating a hopeful push and pull that is punctuated by Rachel’s powerful voice which soars with colorful synth textures and melodies.


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