Lola Blanc “Angry Too” – An Anthem for All Fed-Up Women

From the first note, “Angry Too” sets an ominously menacing tone that will catch listener’s attention. Lola Blanc sings with a passion that many women will find themselves relating to, as well as a frustration that speaks to generations of mistreatment. “Angry Too” finds a way to discuss the misogyny in modern society while also giving an empowering stance for those who have found themselves treated unjustly. The pre-chorus is sung with a restrained calm reminiscent of a cobra about to strike before diving into the energetically fierce hook. This song will have girls up in arms in a rebellion against the unfair treatment many of us have endured for far too long. Lola Blanc has created an anthem with this new song, giving inspiration to anyone who’s faced the brunt end of dealing with ‘entitled motherfuckers’. The beautiful arrangement and use of string instruments adds another layer to what many females are expected to be – sweet, soft, classical – but takes an unexpected gothic twist, further showing how no one needs to act solely how they are expected to. Added with a uniquely creative music video that artistically visualizes what it feels like to be powerless in these types of situations, “Angry Too” does an amazing job personifying what it means to be a fed-up woman in today’s world. Check out this powerfully intense song and video by Lola Blanc below.


Lola Blanc is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, director, political activist, former child ventriloquist and cult survivor whose music reflects the emotive, feminine theatricality of Tori Amos fused with the the vaudevillian drama of Tom Waits and the glossy edge of early Gwen Stefani. Her music has been featured by PAPERBillboard, MTV, i-D, Refinery29, Playboy, Ryan Seacrest, V magazine, Vibe, Idolator and more. In 2013, she co-wrote Britney Spears’ single “Ooh La La.” In 2015, she appeared on American Horror Story: Hotel. In 2019, she co-launched Fatale Collective, an LA-based feminist independent collective for woman horror creatives.

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