The Chainsmokers “Call You Mine (Ft. Bebe Rexha)”

After hitting number-one on the charts with their single “Closer”, it’s no surprise that The Chainsmokers are back with another lose-yourself-in-the-music beat. “Call You Mine” is the sound of staying young forever while chasing that heart-stopping, world-shattering type of love. The heavy backing beat pulls listeners in while the passionate singing and relatable lyrics keep them engaged. “Call You Mine” paints a picture of running around a city, drunk and without a care in the world, while pulling along that special someone by the hand. It’s the type of spirited aesthetic anyone who’s ever been 20 years old strives for, like driving down a long road at night with the music blaring and the possibilities in life just seem…endless. When added with the cinematically beautiful music video, we get an added sense of danger as we watch a reverse story of a young girl drugging two men she’s in love with and running from the police with their bodies in the back seat. Even if your summer romance isn’t quite that risky, the video adds a fun and unexpected layer to the already lively song. So if you’re looking for a song to encapsulate your latest infatuation or just need to escape the fast pace of life for a while, take a listen to “Call You Mine” below.


The Chainsmokers are an American DJ duo consisting of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall.

The duo had a top twenty single in several countries with their 2014 song ” #Selfie “, reaching number sixteen on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 , number three in Australia, and number eleven in the United Kingdom. They released their debut EP, Bouquet , in October 2015. Their following single ” Roses ” reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, [1]while ” Don’t Let Me Down ” became their first top 5 single. ” Closer “, featuring vocals from Halsey , became their first number-one single on the chart.

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