West Coast Weekend “Nobody Like You”

Upbeat and synthesized in style a West Coast Weekend brings a fast paced sonic quality to a romance that lets you take your time with “Nobody Like You”. This incredibly danceable track is guaranteed to get your toes tapping if not entirely cutting loose. Despite how carefree this song is I can’t help but appreciating the picked guitar work that adds a layer of musicality that goes beyond a standard pop song. Right around the two minute mark things get infectious with the “woah-oh”s as a hook. Everything settles down dynamically for the bridge until West Coast Weekend brings it up to forte for the remaining chorus and outro. Classic pop song with plenty of good vibes.


“Nobody Like You” is the latest single from LA’s West Coast Weekend, to be featured on their forthcoming debut EP.

The band says on the track, “‘Nobody Like You’ is about celebrating our individuality as people. We all have moments of hesitation or self-doubt. The song is about letting all of that go and being confident in who you are.”

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