All my Friends Hate Me “Not My Problem” – The Punk Song You Need for Shitty Friendships

Have you ever had to cut off a toxic friendship? If the answer is yes (and if it isn’t, maybe you should do a quick re-evaluation of your friends) you’ll find yourself relating to this punk-rock song from beginning to end. “Not My Problem” opens on an upbeat, energetic beat, with backing drums that really get listeners engaged. The lyrics tell a story of two people who were best friends before things started to take a turn for the worse, with the singer calling their ex-best friend a psychopath who keeps trying to push their problems onto others. In the second verse, we get the tidbit that this ex-best friend is also hooking up with someone else’s girlfriend. If you weren’t on board with the main singer before (I’m looking at you “there’s always two sides to a story” people) then there should be no question now. The chorus picks up with backing vocals that add the the angsty vibe. By the time the chorus comes around, the music starts to slow before jumping back into the lively tune that pulled listeners in at the beginning. If you’re looking for a new head-banger to add to your playlist, check out “Not My Problem” below.


Founded in 2018 by Nashville-bred Bobby Banister, British transplant Beau McCarthy and later, Knoxville Tennessee drummer Garrit Tillman and bassist Cory Tramontelli from Detroit, All My Friends Hate Me is the self deprecating lovechild of punk riffs and a lifetime of bad relationships. The idea of All My Friends Hate Me was sitting at the bottom of a shitty bottle of whiskey at an industry party Bobby was dragged to and Beau snuck into. Soon after Beau moved to LA, SoundCloud rap took over the cultural zeitgeist, and Bobby knew he had to do something, despite telling himself he would never start a band again. The last time he did, it ended with his own escape to LA where shit went down and all his friends sided with his ex-best friend and ex-girlfriend. Cheers to the happy couple. On a less bitter note: All My Friends Hate Me released their first single, Start Again on February 22nd, 2019. Check out the official music video!

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