Sure Sure “What’s It Like?”

“What’s It Like?” jumps right in with a fun and upbeat groove, wasting no time grabbing the attention of listener’s with their buoyant beat. The energy picks up as the drums come in, playing off the passionate vocals in a lively way. The chorus hits with an even catchier sound, pulling listener’s in with the enticing tune that will have anyone hooked. As the bridge comes in, the music starts to slow in a way that emphasizes the vocals. A guitar riff comes in that perfectly carries the song back up to the energetic point we started with, leaving listeners wanting more.


Sure Sure is an art pop band from the Eastside of Los Angeles, California. The highly prolific group has been releasing music since 2014 and has already amassed over 30 million combined streams. In addition to receiving praise for their songwriting and production skills, Sure Sure has played over 150 shows in the past two years, sharing the stage with artists such as Young The Giant, Hippo Campus, and Rainbow Kitten Surprise.

Chris, Charlie, Kevin, and Mike self-produce all their music in their house-turned-studio – a myriad of instruments positioned throughout the attic, with cables snaking down the walls to the recording console in the producer’s bedroom. Sure Sure’s recordings and infectious live show have quickly solidified them as one of the most exciting up and coming bands out of Southern California.

The band has achieved multiple number ones on the Hype Machine charts and gained praise from Grizzly Bear, Rostam of Vampire Weekend, and other staples in the indie music community. This summer finds the band releasing a new EP, playing a select set of dates, and locking the door to their house to record new music.

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