courtship. “Guy Stuff” – Piano Jazz of the Modern Era

A beautiful jazzy piano tune starts us off with “Guy Stuff,” immediately showing that listeners are in for an upbeat and energetic experience. The vocals come in like smooth butter, flowing perfectly with the laid back beat. As the music starts to pick up, we get a few backing vocals that give a nice diversity to the sound with their catchy ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs.’ After all, who doesn’t love singing along to those types of lyrics? The energy continues to rise until we get to the bridge, where all the other instruments fall away and we’re brought back to the jazzy piano riff we began with. Around this point we get a nice effect on the vocals, changing things up just enough before diving back into the energy head first. If you’re a fan of big finales, you’ll love the punchy ending of “Guy Stuff” and be clicking repeat as soon as the final note finishes.


The dreamy and swoon-worthy courtship. are joining the Village with their brand-new single, “Guy Stuff.” Weaving inspiration from their favorite artists growing up – ELO, Daft Punk, and Burt Bacharach – into the creation of their sophomore LP, The Art of Breaking Hearts, courtship. brings a groovy tune that’ll get you moving .

After a year on the road with bands such as Passion Pit, The Wombats, Weezer, and many more, L.A. duo courtship. went back to the studio to make The Art of Breaking Hearts record, which follows their highly successful Denial In Paradise album. With over 9M streams on tracks like “Tell Me Tell Me” and having garnered praise from numerous tastemakers like BillboardAll Things GoALT Radio, courtship. is just getting ready to knock our socks off with their new music.

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