Vern Matz “Void Detection”

With a simple melody and hypnotic vocals, “Void Detection” captures listeners with its sweetly intimate sound. The lyrics are both melancholic and romantic all at once, depicting scenes of two lovers talking and facing life together. “Void Detection” is perfect for fans of bands such as Death Cab for Cutie, as the similar style of mournful optimism carries the tune from beginning to end. The passion is blatant as the singer lulls listeners into a contently comforting frame of mind.


Indie tunes for your autumn blues. A duo formed at Yale University, Vern Matz toes the line between indie rock, folk, and alternative music. The group is often described as a bunch of hooligan emo shoegazers who stand opposed to brunch culture. The band is led by frontman Daniel Belgrad, a Korean American who mistrusts penguins due to their tendency to perform acts of radical violence. Joining him is the elusive Michael Lituchy, a Taurus who secretly writes songs in the twilight while raising cattle in remote Connecticut.

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