Reptile Room “Design” in anticipation of a full length out June 9th.

Five calendar days ago a pop house hybrid labeled as electro-pop, this chill club song reminds me of times spent in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Blvd with family going to clubs and ice skating around the eccentric bars that line Santa Monica Blvd. The introspective and hurt lyrics take the song to new depths past the soothing yet energetic beat. “Design” comes to us in anticipation of a new full length out August 9th from Om Records.


“Reptile Room is an electro-pop trio formed in Atlanta in 2017 by Bill Zimmerman and brother and sister Sean and Sami Michelsen. The three members do all creative work collectively, be it writing, recording and mixing, or editing photos, videos and designing art. They’ve worked with MTV, E! and Red Bull and have been nominated for an Atlanta Culture Award presented by Live Nation. AudioFemme recently stated they are known for their “thrilling, psychedelic visuals, intoxicating music, and powerful performances.”

Design is a building electronic pop ballad with broken beat syncopation showcasing Sami’s chopped up vocals. Sami explains “The theme of Design is focused on the want to speak up about a thought or a feeling, but being unable to do so in the moment,” “I can’t find the words.” It explores our tendency to rewrite scenarios to justify our actions, even when they’re mistakes, to the point where we actually believe the lies we tell ourselves about the past.” “Every day I face it, then I rearrange it…I don’t want to know. Trying to replace it, but I can’t erase it…I want you to know”

“Working on this song was a bit different than the others, we made this one almost all at once, and it came together pretty effortlessly. I started with a vocal riff that we looped, and build a melody on top of that, we finished Design a few hours after we started. Design reminds me of a dream; it was so clear in our minds that we were able to pull it right out of that dream and put it into music, but ironically, it’s all about feeling stuck and unable to express your depths.” Stay tuned for the stunning video to accompany the single.



It’s funny how I can’t live without you I wanna lay right next to you I can pretend to

It’s funny how I slip right through your fingers

Every night  It’s funny I can’t find the words to come out right

Every night I wanna open up the door I need you

Closer to my heart I breathe you  Every step I take Brings me to you

But I can’t find the words  It’s funny how I still can’t say I’m sorry

By design It’s funny how I change the past to ease my mind

And every day I face it Then I rearrange it I don’t wanna know

Trying to replace it But I can’t erase it I want you to know


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