Shane Leonard “Strange Forms” – Introspectively Soothing

With a slow and tranquil start, “Strange Forms” is the type of song that soothes listeners with its sound and provokes deep contemplation with its lyrics. The vocalist sings with a laid back timbre, yet there’s also an introspective tone as he contemplates life as a whole and the fate eternal. Even with such beautifully pensive lyrics, however, the melody is so soothing that it almost feels like a lullaby. The bass line creates a steady beat to lean on while the guitar riff gives the song a passionately emotional layer; especially at the solo that comes in at the bridge. At this point we also get a few backing vocals before the song really opens up at the last word, ending in an upbeat mood that stays with the listener long after the song has finished.


Producer, all-purpose studio musician and songwriter Shane Leonard grew up playing jazz with musicians generations older than him, dropped out of music school to become an English teacher, left that to study fiddle and banjo with Appalachian elders, and now calls Eau Claire, WI home. He can usually be found in a studio there, hunched over a piano or a notebook, magnetizing a production team that has attracted national artists such as Anna Tivel, Kristin Andreassen (Uncle Earl), Sean Rowe, and others to record new sounds in the North.

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