Arthur Moon “Homonormo” – Notable Pride Month Mention

With drums and layered vocals opening this song, “Homonormo” instantly catches the attention of listener’s with its unique sound. Sounding like a mix of techno pop and chill hop, this song pulls you in with a passionate, yet unusual energy. From the first lyrics, “Then I woke up and the sun was shining,” there’s an optimistic feel to the vocals, but there’s a sense of wariness there as well. As we near the bridge, we get the repetition of “Come around our house, we don’t lock the door.” This song shows how, despite how many people may judge or dislike the way you live your life, there will always be more who accept you for who you are. With Pride Month finally upon us, it’s important to remember which type of person you’re going to choose to be; accepting or bigoted? “Homonormo” does a great job outlining the importance of acceptance in an eccentric way. There’s no need to fall into a preexisting definition of normal when what you have to offer the world as an individual is so much better.

Arthur Moon is a Brooklyn group fronted by queer artist Lora-Faye Åshuvud and collaborators Cale Hawkins (Quincy Jones, Bilal, Wyclef Jean) and Martin D. Fowler (a composer for This American Life).
They released a hypnotic new single “Homonormo” recently for Pride Month, ahead of their tour with Oh Land& debut self-titled album out in July via Vinyl Me, Please and everywhere August 2.
Lora-Faye said she was “thinking a lot about what it is that we have to gain when we fail at living within some prescribed definition of ‘success’ or ‘normalcy'” for this track. It follows previous single “I Feel Better,” which gave listeners a taste for Lora-Faye’s deconstructed pop music, celebrating “incorrect music” and the queer impulse: breaking the rules, and finding the power that comes from doing things “wrong” by celebrating it, owning it, making it the center of the music.

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