Michelle Vezilj “Fire Goes to Die” – Watered Plants Grow Better Than Burned Ones

Many stories have come out since the start of the #MeToo movement, but Vezilj’s “Fire Goes to Die” does an amazing job of summarizing the feelings and experiences many girls have had to face over the years. With a heavy guitar sound reminiscent of something you may hear from Johnny Cash and beautifully light vocals, this song speaks to the strong, unwavering woman role-model today’s world needs. Vezilj paints a story of a power hungry, arrogant, abusive man (we’ve all known one at some point in our lives) being represented by fire while his victim is shown as flowers and nature. Picturing the destruction of forest fire is an amazing metaphor for how many women feel after coming into contact with toxic men such as the one mentioned in “Fire Goes to Die.” Vezilj’s song doesn’t get caught up in the ruins, however. Instead, she goes on to show how fire is not the most powerful thing in the world. When treated the way they should be, watered plants bloom into gorgeous specimens. Women are no different. This passionately moving song taps into the anger many women rightfully feel after decades of degradation and being unable to say or do anything about it. This song shows how times are changing, and it’s time for society to go to the place where fire goes to die.


Michelle Vezilj is an award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter.

Recent credits include: opening for the multi-award winning Frank Turner, playing on the same bill as AMERICAN IDOL’s Haley Reinhart, and singing the end credit song for Fantawild’s feature animation, BOONIE BEARS: BLAST INTO THE PAST. Additionally, she wrote the theme song for the upcoming Adaptive Studios episodic ASTRAL (Netflix’s COIN HEIST) which is being packaged by WME.

Coming up, she’ll be writing an original song for the feature SUMMER GOLD, with cinematography by Academy Award winner, Dean Semler (Dances with Wolves), written and directed by Caroline Zelder.

Michelle heads the music division at WrenLee Pictures where she music supervises and writes original music for a slate of upcoming films. WrenLee is currently in pre-production on their next feature film, CHARIOT, which begins principal photography in May.

As an actress, you can catch Michelle on the big screen in the feature film, SARGASSO, written and directed by Adam Sigal, starring the iconic Academy Award nominated, Tom Berenger, Jeremy Sumpter, Graham McTavish, Richard Portnow, and Jim Meskimen.

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