Top Bunk “Calm Me Down”

Starting off with a fun yet simple tune, this song effortlessly grabs listener’s attention. It’s a unique sound, but extremely catchy. As the vocals begin, the sound instantly intensifies and the music really starts to come in. The singing is lively and animated, while the lyrics are immensely relatable. The chorus brings in more energy with a light-hearted sound that will make anyone want to dance. The second verse starts to veer from the expected and ordinary as the lead singer brings in some of his native Greek language. Even if you don’t speak the language yourself, it’s easy to hear how the timbre fits in perfectly with the rest of the song and really sets it apart from others. The beat starts to simplify again towards the end of the song, which emphasizes the vocals. The lyrics of this song really paint a picture of how sometimes life can become too much to handle, but there are always those certain people that are there to bring you back to a level-headed state.

Would you rather go adulting or throw dope parties and do hoodrat stuff with your friends? The talented, ragtag group of Bay Area buds behind Top Bunk, chose the latter. With their fearless leader and vocalist, Petro A.P. committed to staying weird, having fun, and creating music on the regular, Arieh Berl, Joey Orton, Ben Rose, Yianni AP, Symeon Tzvetkov, and Shabnam Ferdowsi found themselves immersed in a modern-day artist collective. With a home base in Silver Lake, these musicians, producers, and visual artists come together to build undeniable, dance-worthy tracks that are as insightful as they are amusing. After one listen, you’ll be begging for an invite to their next house party.

This pop-influenced, lo-fi track is a breath of fresh air in the all-too-perfect landscape of pop music. A hodge podge of instrumentation, languages, and sound bring life and intrigue to this breezy track. The second verse is sung in Greek-lead singer Petro’s native language. Summer is just around the corner and Top Bunk is leaving us with this light and fun tune to lose yourself to.

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