My Father’s Son “Dust to Rust”

With a slow and gentle start, this song is one that soothes from beginning to end. The vocalist sings with a passionate tone that only seems to emphasize the tender sound as he describes a dusty home. The house is creaky and old, but it’s obvious that it holds a special place in the singer’s heart. He speaks about the house as if it’s an old lover, wondering if she misses him when he’s gone, the way many of us think about the places that are more significant than others. There’s a melancholic touch, but also one of optimism as the song progresses. The pace starts to speed up a bit at the bridge, where the drums come in and the focus shifts from the acoustic guitar to a fiddle, but still holds the warm and comforting tune that the song started with. When paired with the music video, the beauty of the song only blooms further as it’s accompanied with captivating imagery and landscapes. The lyrics of this song are akin to Miranda Lambert’s “The House That Built Me”, holding the same raw emotion but far more meaning in the verses. This song isn’t just about a profound home, but of living on the road and not knowing where life will take you or when, if ever, you’ll be back. Yet knowing that, even if that place is gone to dust and rust, the feelings that home gave you will always be there.

Helmed by Montreal-based singer/songwriter Mark Kulmala, this song and forthcoming full-length release was recorded with Paul Pfisterer (The Beauties, Laser, RHYE) at Freckle’s Farm in Chatsworth, Ontario, mixed by Dean Nelson (The Rolling Stones, Beck), and mastered by Martin Davis Kinack (Broken Social Scene, Stars).

From festivals to living rooms, and everything in between, My Father’s Son has shared the stage with the likes of Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers, Dylan Menzie, Joey Landreth, Craig Cardiff, NQ Arbuckle, Zachary Lucky, Rachel Beck, Belle Star, SloCan Ramblers, Carl Dixon (April Wine, The Guess Who), Damhnait Doyle, Skydiggers, and more.

“Dust to Rust” and “Ribbon in the Wind” are available now. The Greatest Thaw is set for release June 2019.


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