Family of Things “Harm”- moody indie pop bathed in dancefloor vibes

“Loving you’s gonna do me harm, but I don’t give a damnn.”

One line in, and this one’s sure to resonate with the lot of us. The first release from the Ontario-based duo since their debut EP in 2016, “Harm” is a deceptively polished piece of dancefloor indie. Featuring pulsing bass tones, ensconcing synths, glowing reverberated guitars, and a kicking drum beat, everything here screams 80’s with a modern energy. The vocals are impeccably stacked, offering delicate falsetto-tinged leads in the verses before opening up into a harmonized powerhouse for the choruses and bridge. The song’s accompanying video is bathed in warm reds and cool purples, perfectly encompassing its musical hues- moody and warm, but with an upbeat energy fit for center stage. This is indie-pop done right!


Family of Things is an indie band based out of Hamilton, Ontario. Their unique sound combines sensitive songwriting, boundless vocals, rhythmic integrity and quality production. Music partners Bradley Barnham and Aaron Brown self-released their debut EP in the fall of 2016 with producer/friend, Peter Mol. The EP gained instant support and media coverage, seeing over 700,000 Spotify streams, topping playlists for New Music Friday and Indie Allstars among others. With a few years under their belt, and a better sense of direction, Brad and Aaron moved their studio up north to a family cottage with Peter to collaborate on their first full-length record, during which time they signed a publishing deal with Seattle-based Luna Music Group. Today, Family of Things has a finished project known as “Oscilloscope”, and has created a captivating and electric live show with bandmates Myles Rogers, Will Gooch, and Justin Brix. Looking ahead, Family of Things is preparing for a summer album release and all the verve that goes with it.


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