Hernandez “Magical Sad News”

Immediately starting off wth a fun and upbeat sound, this song wastes no time making listeners want to get up and dance. The vocals are sung passionately, with lyrics wondering if an old relationship is truly over. The female backing vocals that come in at the chorus help give another layer to the song, making it more dynamic. Towards the bridge, the backing instruments start to fall out to focus on the singing before the sound begins to build again. The energy swells towards the end before finally falling into a calming swirl of notes.

Hernandez is a young indie rock band, based in Oslo, that just entered the music scene with their airy debut single, “With You”.

Now, They’re following up the hype with “Magical Sad News”, a catchy indie track, à la contemporaries like Mac DeMarco and boy pablo. With introverted lyrics surrounded by a restless soundscape the young quartet has a new and exiting take on the genre. It sounds cinematic, yet homemade.

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