Kaanvas, “Science Helps”- indie rock with homegrown bite!

Fresh out of the Hoosier state, “Science Helps” is the 2nd track off Kaanvas’s debut album Culture Me, and already the Indianan songwriter is showing some genuine chops. Thematically, “Science Helps” explores the timeless can’t-miss story of self-reflection in the wake of heartache, but that’s not to say that this song has been heard before. Kaanvas tells his story without the need for cliches or rhymes you’ve heard a million times, opting instead for a certain level of ambiguity. The title alone leaves room for interpretation, allowing the listener to decide if the science in question is psychology, behavioral analysis, medication, or something else entirely.

Musically, “Science Helps” begins as a catchy, in-the-pocket slice of indie rock. The guitar and vocal hooks are catchy, everything’s in time, and the choruses offer a nice increase in energy through lightly distorted guitars, big cymbal hits, and stacked vocals. However, it’s the bridge and outro that really shine brightest in this song. Reaching an emotional peak, the vocals explode with grunge-esque bite that is as electrifying as it is satisfying. Coupled with some solid instrumental breaks and guitar licks, “Science Helps” rounds things out as an impressive groundwork for a promising act.


Songwriter and self-producer Mark Crews creates intimate, vulnerable songs using the name Kaanvas. Making an official solo debut with the release of ‘A Necessary Season’ in 2013, he had taken his personal songwriting seriously.

Now back from hiatus with ‘Culture Me’ a sophomore album that is an 11 track journey through love, loss, and the stages of grief. In contrast to previous releases, Kaanvas’ new DIY release incorporates a full band and ditches the acoustic for an Indie Rock sound the likes of Band of Horses, Nirvana, and Weezer.





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