Dean Manning “Be My Friend”

Coming in slowly at first, this song quickly picks up as the vocals start up. The drums keep a steady beat while the vocals are sung in an almost passive tone. The combination creates a calming sound that flows throughout the entire song. The music video emphasizes this, as two people stand placidly as they undress each other. The lyrics allude to someone wanting to be more than friends, despite that being all they ask for in the chorus. This is a song that many will relate to, as it addresses those strong feelings in the bashful way many of us understand.

Dean Manning is a Sydney-born, Athens, Greece-based musician and visual artist. He is well known for his music as a member of Holidays On Ice (with Frente’s Angie Hart) and Leonardo’s Bride, winning awards and reaching number four on the Australian singles chart with the latter group. Sunday Mountain is Dean’s second solo album.

More information can be found at the links below.

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