Drift away with The Mercy Stone’s “Can’t Think (Gave It Away, Pt. 1)”

Cast in dim darkness, the walls draped in warm reds and oranges, SoCal’s The Mercy Stone cast the listener into an ethereal dream with their live studio performance of “Can’t Think…” Breezy synths and a mournful bed of string tones paint a mellow backdrop on which soulful guitars, hauntingly delicate vocals, and hip-hop-esque beats fill out the foreground. The first two minutes play out like a chill-hop/blues/pop lovechild, providing colorfully tasteful musicality in a welcoming lazy-Sunday hue. The last minute takes things down a darker path. While the drum beat remains largely unchanged, a more foreboding string bass plays below slightly agitated strings adding an eerie flavor. What was originally a monophonic vocal duo becomes a polyphonic arabesque of vocal melodies winding in and out of one another, as if to finally sweep you away into a deep dream.


The Mercy Stone is a 12-piece ensemble that is breaking the boundaries between the worlds of rock, jazz, and classical music. Performing all original instrumental compositions, The Mercy Stone’s music possesses all the intricacies of a finely tuned contemporary-classical chamber ensemble and the energy of a high-octane rock band. Live performances feature an amplified string quintet, electric guitar, drums, marimba, and a saxophone quartet. The Mercy Stone weaves a sonic tapestry of complex rhythms, beautiful melodic lines, and free improvisation which is incredibly compelling upon first hearing yet begs for deeper listening to reveal the many layers of sound in each piece.





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