Leisure Club “Shoreline”

With a slow and calming start, this song pulls listeners in before dropping into a steady and mesmerizing beat. The vocals are soothing, yet passionate. This is the exact type of song that makes you think of sitting at the beach after the sun has gone down, getting lost in the interstellar type sounds and rhythms. The bridge pushes this feeling even further, accompanied by electronic sounds as the music swells in energy before coming back down as the vocals return. The lyrics are similar to what might be found in My Morning Jacket and similarly poetic songs. For anyone looking for something a bit different, yet tranquil and easy to listen to, this is a perfect song for you.

Vancouver, Canada – May 10, 2019 – Leisure Club has just released their latest single, Shoreline. The single is the band’s second release of 2019, engineered and produced by Howard Redekopp at Monarch and Menagerie Studios. The single is available on all streaming platforms as of May 10, 2019.

‘Shoreline’ was born in the depths of hedonism. The song represents a melancholic yearning for more meaningful connections in a fast, substance fueled environment. Waiting on the shoreline is waiting to dive into an ocean of opportunity and self realization.

Get in touch at leisureclubband@gmail.com for all inquiries, press photos, dad jokes, swag, or just to say hello!

Website: leisureclub.band

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/leisurexclub

Bandcamp: leisure-club.bandcamp.com

Instagram: @leisurexclub

Twitter: @leisurexclub

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