Paper Monsters “INSANE” – Bringing Up Old Feelings About Forgotten Sweaters

This song starts off with a catchy guitar rift, mellow and calm as the vocals come in, and instantly catches the listener’s attention. As the drums start up, the energy quickly increases. It’s really at the chorus, however, that the beat starts and, despite the dismal topic, any audience member will find themselves wanting to dance. Both vocals and instruments come alive in a contagious way. The singer depicts a scene where, post break up, they find themselves regretting letting an old sweater go through the wash and lose the sentimental smell it once had. If you’ve ever gone through a rough break up, you’ll find that this is the perfect metaphor for the way melancholic feelings can come back and hit you even months after the fact. This band manages to take such a heart-wrenching, sorrowful feeling and present it in a way that will have fans pressing reply after the last note fades out. The music video adds another layer to the song, where we see the lead singer going about his every day life while being followed by the enthusiastic drummer. While comical in effect, it really drives home the point that these feelings are present long after the sweater has been washed, leaving the sufferer feeling like they’re going insane.

Find out more about Paper Monsters at the following links:……

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