BeauxX is gonna knock your socks off with “Thing One!”

It’s always a good day when a new badass female rocker enters the arena. Her influences may include the likes of Adele, Amy Winehouse, & Etta James, but let’s get one thing straight- BeauxX is here to kick some serious ass. “Thing One” falls into its own sort of unique space in the female rock world. It’s not quite as gnarly as Rebel Kill or Nico Vega, but it’s certainly got more edge than The Veronicas and No Doubt. This all adds up to a balls-to-the-wall rock-out with a wide audience. The vocals are electrifying, the guitar solos are on point, the drumheads are one hit away from ripping, and yet the energy is controlled and delivered with great awareness and touch. This is a seriously rocking kick of adrenaline, and I’ll be seeing you all in the pit!


Born in Atlanta, GA, Beaux’s (formerly Darla Beaux) life has always consisted of music. As a child, Beaux was exposed to music early on and fell in love with her mom’s record collection. With influences that range from Amy Winehouse and Adele to classic soul artists like Etta James, she’s able to fit herself into the modern world of pop music and alternative punk pop without sacrificing the strength of her voice.

Beaux caught the performance bug at just ten years old and shortly after was accepted to a Las Vegas-based performing arts school, where she gained experience performing and found her calling in vocal performance; while also mastering acting and dancing. Her independent EP premiered on, and captured the attention of music critics across the globe. Girls Life Magazine wrote: “Darla Beaux is the new teen queen in town, and your next music obsession.” She was the standout winner of the Unsigned Only Music Competition, taking first place in the highly coveted Teen Category and spent a Summer at Berklee College of Music’ summer program on a full scholarship where she furthered her vocal studies.

Beaux spent the last few years honing in and writing her new alt/pop/punk songs with high energy sounds combined with her smooth and grungy vocals. BeauxX the band was formed and they have just released their first single “Thing One.”


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