The Dead Licks “What Happened”

This song starts with a simple beat, which slowly starts to build in sound and energy. The vocals come in soothingly, sung with a calming tone that carries the song as it continues building. As we get to the middle point of the song, the sound starts to simmer down before coming back even more lively than before. The vocals pick up passionately, emphasizing the title question: What happened? As the song starts to come to an end, we’re brought back to a similarly straight forward tune like we started with and the simple, yet sweet sounding guitar rift leads us out.

Lead Singer of The Dead Licks, Tom Inzinga, says about this new release:

“What Happened” started as my attempt to start writing simpler songs. At the time, I had been really into Jeff Tweedy’s style of song writing, and the chords came one afternoon, like most do, where I just picked up the acoustic and started playing. When I brought it to the band it transformed into a very powerful, melancholic song about complacency and moving forward. The lyrics started being developed during a time I was unhappy with being complacent. It was my attempt to get out of a songwriting rut. However, as time went on, it turned into a song about heartbreak, and the idea of trying to move forward no matter what the outcome may be. To get out and “see the world.”

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