Calm Rites, “Heartbreaks”- stick around for those choruses!

Ah, the struggles of growing up. Swedish pop-rockers Calm Rites certainly know all about them, as evidenced by “Heartbreaks”- a melancholic dose of nostalgic yearning that carries a certain danceability to it. Blending metallic and glistening guitar tones with a simple yet lively drums and bass, Calm Rites channel their inner “The Cure” to deliver a sound that’s as classic and nostalgic as the subject matter. Throw on top some soaring vocal layers in the chorus, and you’ve got yourself a surprisingly authentic-feeling tribute to the mellowed-out rock ballads that followed in the wake of the British Invasion. Calm Rites may only be 2 releases into their musical journey, but they clearly know who they are and where they want to be.


Calm Rites is a four piece alternative/indie rock band based in Kalmar, Sweden that brings together infectious melodies, huge riffs and anthemic choruses. The band is currently working on their debut EP which will be preceded by the single “Heartbreaks” and released in 2019.

With a strong visual appearance and a unique sound, Calm Rites is definitely an act to pay attention to on the international music scenes in 2019.


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