Michigan House “Circle (feat. Bailey Jehl)”

Starting off with a calming melody, the song starts to pick up as the vocals come in. This is a tune that tugs at the heart strings, painting a scene of meeting that special someone. The beat begins to pick up mid way through, with the energy swelling as the vocals become more passionate. A simple, yet vibrant guitar solo comes in at the bridge. The sound is somber, yet spirited. As the vocals fall away towards the end, the sound becomes calming again and finishes with a gentle flourish.

Michigan House is a singer-songwriter with a vision of photography and melancholic romanticism. Humanly depressed, yet inexplicably hopeful.

Circle is a song written about hope in love and belonging. It is written and co-produced  at Irongrove Studios in Seattle. This song features Nashville vocalist Bailey Jehl on lead vocal.

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