*OUT TODAY* The Curious Incident “Eating Sunshine”

Starting with a simple guitar rift, this song quickly jumps right in with a fun, energetic beat that will make listeners instantly want to start dancing. Painting pictures of summer time, this is the type of song that will make you feel like you’re standing in sunshine even on the coldest of days. The vocalist sings with a passionate energy that is almost contagious, along with verses that are extremely catchy. This sound is definitely for those that are fans of bands such as Vampire Weekend. The beat quickly picks up speed before beginning to slow around the bridge, where a reggae bass line comes in. The instruments slowly start to fade out, but pick up speed and energy again before a strong finish.

The Curious Incident makes Indie Rock with a Caribbean Twist that makes land-lovers want to surf! The live band is built around frontman and songwriter Kairo and his music tastes like the spice of Hot-Sauce and the nice of Lemonade, cools you down in summer and brings the heat in winter. Live you can expect to see Kairo storming all over the stage joined by his energetic and electrifying band.

Fans of Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, Crystal Fighters and good times in general won’t be disappointed. Based between London and The Netherlands, Kairo and his live band are dead set on making the world jump.

2018 was a DIY high-point for Curious with almost a 1,000,000 streams on Spotify, 2,500,000 views on their “Your Sister” video on Facebook, new fans buying merch from around the world and DIY Mag calling them a “Pure Blast of Vitamin D”.

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