Another Crush “Empty Promises”

Starting with a mellow guitar rift, this song quickly catches the listener’s attention with its intensely brooding sound before the beat starts to pick up and really grabs hold of the audience. The singing is passionate, depicting the post-break up feelings we all know too well. Backing vocals add another layer to the chorus, and really start to stand out at the bridge at the screaming of “in my head, in my head.” Anyone who’s ever rocked out to Avril Lavigne or Paramore in their bedroom will be compelled to do the same with these catchy, yet completely relatable lyrics. The music video brings the song to another level, with images of bold makeup, sparkles, and the overall empowerment of women willing to break the mold. This song will have listeners on their feet and bouncing back from heartbreak in no time.

Another Crush is an indie rock band with a blonde tsunami front woman, an alternative sound, and lyrics that will light up the darkest parts of your heart.

Their new song “Empty Promises” has an arresting 90s rock inspired sound and has been paired with an emotionally raw video.

You can find more info, photos, and social links for the band here:

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