*NEW VIDEO* mxmtoon, “prom dress”

As a teenager, did you ever have that a-ha moment when you realized that the media vastly overhyped high school? Well if so, this is the song for you! The latest quirky slice of realism from Oakland-based mxmtoon, “prom dress” is an ode to the tragedy that is prom night. The night that was supposed to be like a fairytale according to every slice of teen media ever, but was really just a catered dinner that you payed a few hundred dollars to dress up for at best. mxmtoon delivers a tear-soaked tale of a girl who’s reality fell flat of expectations in her distinctive ukulele-pop style, taking a sad story and spinning it into an irresistible ear-worm complete with glockenspiel, hand claps, and synth-y strings that give the whole thing a sort of 60’s ballad feel that’s actually quite fun. Honestly, the three minutes you spend listening to “prom dress” might end up being more fun than a prom night!


mxmtoon is an Oakland-based singer, songwriter, and ukulele player who has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers online for her highly relatable songs that either make you want to belly laugh or weep along with her and her self-deprecating and goofy YouTube videos. She sings of love, friendship, racial identity, and more, lyrically taking a dive into the common insecurities of the coming-of-age teenager. On her debut EP, ‘plum blossom,’ she continues that run of thoughtful considerations with more songs about romance, body confidence, and more, all recorded from the confines of her parents’ guest room. passionate, genuine, and warm, mxmtoon feels like a friend you can rely on, in bad times and good.




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