The Stoffs, “Call of the Spring”- let us all rejoice!

If you live somewhere that has Winter, then surely Spring can’t come soon enough. Well don’t fear, for Spring is nearly upon us, and The Stoffs have written the ultimate hymn for rejoicing! “Call of the Spring” opens like a Sunday in a Japanese Garden, with an Oriental string melody resonating brightly above a pocket drumbeat. Stoff’s vocals transition to falsettos with ease throughout the verse, adding to the song’s sunny brightness. However, a following pre-chorus gives hints of rock roots, complete with a brief guitar solo the second time around. Just shy of 2.5 minutes in, and “Call of the Spring” erupts into a lively indie rock anthem. Bells ringing overhead, Beach-Boys-esque surf rock chromaticism, and sweet vocal “oohs” are layered on top of a driving rock foundation to create the ultimate Springtime jam. This thing is a serious schmorgesborg of all things sunny weather and good times- you’d be crazy not to give it a listen!


The Stoffs is the indie rock project of Indianapolis-based musician Eric Stoff. Eric and his wife Brooke had a turbulent year in 2017. They welcomed their first daughter into the world, experienced unprecedented success in their business, and Eric achieved a life goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. From an outside perspective, it was the best year of their lives. But the Stoffs also experienced financial stress, strained relationships, and the unique weight of caring for a newborn child. Eric spent the entirety of 2018 writing, recording, and meticulously crafting “Little Flock” in his home. He said it was healing for him as he worked his way through postpartum depression, and it helped him make sense of chaotic previous year. Released on New Year’s Day 2019, “Little Flock,” details a universal tug-of-war between desperation and hope.


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