5 Gorgeous Tunes to get your week started

Showcasing some of the most gorgeous new tunes every week and adding them to this growing “gorgeous tunes” playlist here;

“Oh My Maria” by Ryan Wayne a pad-heavy and droning cinematic intro gives way to blooming vocal harmonies sung in a very intimate and close to your speaker’s way that is charming and sweet. “Oh My Maria” is a perfect combination of intimacy and heartache. If you’re looking for a nice combination of organic and digital textures presented in a soundscape then check out “Oh My Maria” by Ryan Wayne.

“May” by Nathaniel Riley is a bubbly and charming organic production that expands into a melancholic indie folk song as it progresses. A Celtic-sounding violin leads the “May” back to intimacy in its final seconds. If you’re looking for something to transport you from a cubicle into the mountains then check out “May” by Nathaniel Riley.

“One Last Dance” by Bree Rusev is a driving indie folk track with a gorgeous soothing vocal performance with harmonies added in all the right places. The driving pace while remaining soft in dynamic gives this a very road trip while you’re younger van life kind of vibe that makes it a perfect fit for this “gorgeous tunes” list.

“Control” by Evenlyn Cools is a dreamy romantic song with a minimalistic arrangement with sparse and slow rhythmic qualities that really bring it close to the heart. “Control” is in anticipation of her EP Wilder Mind. The whimsical nature of the tune makes it a perfect fit for this growing gorgeous tunes list. This tune reminds makes me nostalgic for being a kid in the mountains.

“Jimmy’s House” by AVIV is a dreamy track with a nice gentle pacing that keeps it lively but soft enough in dynamic that it’s gorgeous. Some cinematic percussion panned off to the sides brings “Jimmy’s House” to a place that is larger than life while also remaining deeply intimate. Lyrically full of heartache “Jimmy’s House” gives some sweet innocent small town movie vibes, thanks to Photo Finish Records for bringing us AVIV.

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