5 gorgeous songs to start your week off with

Hey everyone, keeping that “gorgeous tune” playlist on build while highlighting some great new tracks being added to it!

“We Don’t Speak” by Hello Ocean is an atmospheric and cinematic track with a gorgeous vocal performance and a production that is reminiscent of one of my favorite acts girlhouse. The lyrics are all about breaking out and having some confidence to really live your best life. If you need some motivation this week to open up about the emotions you’re feeling and let it all out check out “We Don’t Speak” by Hello Ocean, great band name!

“I Feel You” by Shower Beer is an organic ballad with some cool distorted muffled guitar tones and some wonderful soothing vocal productions. The rhythm skips a downbeat every now and again which makes the path a little unsure but always wonderful and mysterious. What a pretty song from a band with the name Shower Beer, not what I was expecting but a great song!

“Man Overboard” by Ed Prosek is a cinematic ballad with lush instrumentation and a lyrically compelling narrative about feeling overwhelmed. The arrangement and melody really capture some great feelings and the intimacy in the way the band cuts out to let the acoustic guitarist strum the last chord alone is really a magical touch.

“Younger Days” by Kasador is a driving yet sentimental Americana track with some sweet nostalgic lyrics in a very well-produced sound. This gives me high school movie vibes where an older couple revisits their small-town roots. Such a touching piece of romance from Kasador, give em’ a stream!

“Unsee” by quarterbaq is the most psychedelic track on this list with some interesting Porcupine Tree or Radiohead-esque rhythmic qualities and some elegant sophisticated harmonies. The legato string arrangement and the unsettling harmonic choices give a very deep and brooding emotion to this track. If you’re looking for something gorgeous but left of center this ones for you.

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